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The Window Cleaning Process


Desert Vista Window Washing offers full service cleaning for your home.  We do it thoroughly, completely and correctly, everytime.  What does that mean?

That means when you have your windows cleaned, you get:

- Interior and exterior window cleaning

- Clean and scrub the screens

- Clean out the tracks

- Wipe down the sills and frames

There is no upselling or adding on, we do this every time, your windows wouldn't be clean without it!

Desert Vista Window Washing also offers:

- Construction Cleanup


How is this different from a regular window wash?  After a big construction project or remodel windows are typically far more dirty.  Concrete, stucco, paint, or new window stickers require a substantial amount of extra time and care.  The windows must be carefully cleaned and scraped with a special tool, then washed again.  Even the dirtiest of windows can be restored but time and care are the key here.

- Solar Panel Cleaning (read more here!)

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