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Solar Panels on Roof

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels in the Las Vegas Valley get dirty!


With low rainfall and plenty of dust, solar panels can very dirty.  Dirty panels means less electricity production.  Clean panels can produce as much as 20-30% more energy.

How do you clean a solar panel?

The best way to clean solar panels is with "pure water" or "spotless water"- highly filtered water without the 'hard' minerals, salts, or metals that we have here in Las Vegas.  This doesn't leave behind any soapy residue that can interfere with energy production.


Solar Panel Repair

We use this technique for window cleaning as well.  A 3 stage filtering system is connected to the hose.  This then filters the water to 0.000 parts per million of the total dissolved solids in the water (things like minerals, salts, or metals found in the water).  This filter pumps the water to a pole with brush that allows for scrubbing away and thoroughly rinsing the panels, removing all the dust, spots and debris and does not leave behind water spots.

Because most solar panels are on the roof it is highly recommended you have them professionally cleaned.  Tile roofs require care when walking on them, not to mention the dangers of working on a roof, this is best left to fully insured professionals like Desert Vista Window Washing.  Call today for an estimate!

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